An important aspect is the interaction between the different departments, because the competences acquired in one area contribute to the fulfilment of the tasks of all departments.

For this reason, all technical collaborators can be active in several sectors.

In the field of technical expertise, GPC is one of the few studies able to cover such a wide range of fields of activity.

GPC is mainly divided into 3 main sectors in which the following services are offered:

Insurance cases


  • Building
  • Fire
  • Vehicle liability
  • Liability private and business
  • Civil liability construction
  • Building (construction)
  • GAG (Guarantees)Furniture
  • Furniture

Consulting / Expertise

Advice / Support

  • Construction procedure
  • Overall management / project management (project management)
  • Technical advice
  • Condition surveys / crack reports (precautionary collection of evidence)

Building / system appraisals

  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Judicial appraisals
  • Mediation / investigation

Real estate valuation


  • Market value / fair market value
  • Insurance value
  • Tax value

Estimation and valuations

  • General valuation of real estate
  • Scenarios for future investments
  • Communities of heirs - inheritance
  • Expropriation proceedings / valuations

The services, divided into 3 sectors, are provided in the following areas of activity:


  • Construction
  • Civil engineering
  • Thermotechnical installations (heating-ventilation-sanitary)
  • Electrical installations
  • Asbestos detection
  • Building physics / acoustics
  • Environmental protection

Insurance claims


In the case of claims, we are mandated by most insurance companies as technical experts.

In particular, we assist claims inspectors in resolving claims by providing all the technical services necessary for the proper handling of the case: Proof of the causes, valuation of the economic loss, examination of offers and invoices and, last but not least, assistance in mediation between the parties.

Consulting / Expertise


The consulting sector covers all activities based on decades of experience in the fields of structural/civil engineering and installations.
First and foremost, GPC produces a large number of technical expert reports to determine causes and possible solutions for the elimination of defects and damage to buildings. This work is carried out for courts and insurance companies as well as for private individuals at various levels.
In this context, it also carries out judicial precautionary evidence gathering (crack protocols), quality controls during the handover of a building (proof of compliance with all rules of the art) and accompaniment during the acceptance of public or private buildings. Thanks to the experience gained in the preparation of expert reports, GPC assumes the role of "client support" (to safeguard the interests of its clients), as well as that of "controlling" (e.g. for the management of payment orders for banks or other institutions) or that of "overall management / project management" (for the coordination of planning teams), also in the context of major projects.

These activities are becoming increasingly important due to the complexity of the various construction and quality control procedures, especially in large projects.

Real estate valuations


One of GPC's strengths is the preparation of real estate valuations for all types of construction and use, such as land, private and public properties.

Valuations that also cover inheritance cases, quantification and verification of insurance values, construction loans, the purchase and sale or other specific needs of owners.


Thanks to its thirty years of experience and presence in the field, GPC has completed the valuation of hundreds of properties throughout the Canton of Ticino and the Italian part of the Grisons, from which it has built up its own internal database that allows it to maintain a consistent line in the valuation and to update the trends of the real estate market in real time, ensuring the continuity and validity of the data that allow it to maintain the necessary objectivity and precision in determining the market value of the property under examination.